Editorial Services

Editorial Services and Pricing


You’ve written a book, (even partially) and you want to see if it’s solid. It’s not edited or perfect yet, but it’s created and you want an expert opinion.

Beta-reading services includes a report that briefly covers the following:

  • Characters
  • Setting
  • POV
  • Plot and Story
  • Dialogue
  • Structure
  • Problems
  • And Suggestions

My beta-reading services start around $100 dollars, but can be adjusted according to the size of your novel as well as what you really want out of it.

Associated Services:

  • Sample Edit of 10 Pages $45
  • 1 Hour Discussion of Book $60
  • Express Delivery Custom Pricing

Manuscript Assessment

You’ve written and edited your book, but you’d like a once over before you send it to the publishers. Or you’ve been rejected from the publishers. A manuscript assessment is a high level analysis of your manuscript through several lenses. An assessment is about identifying issues from your novel, not outright correcting them.

These lenses to look over your novel include the following.

  • Structure: Does the plot advance properly? Is the pacing appropriate and are the characters introduced realistically? Are there any characters that can be cut?
  • Genre: Does your story follow the accepted conventions of the genre you are attempting to break into? Is there an overlooked faux pas that is causing you to be rejected?
  • Mechanics: Are the grammar and spelling impeccable? Are there weak choice in types of words used or filler speech?
  • Story: Is the climax climactic enough? Is there enough at stake? What is the over arching goal of the story and has it been accomplished? Does the story find anything lacking?

Book Editing

You’ve gotten rounds of beta-reading done and you’ve gone over it with a fine toothed comb. Your book is done! Now comes the editing of the book.

Editing Services come in three different packages depending on your needs:

  • Professional Proofreading .02¢ per word
  • Line Editing .04¢ per word
  • Substantive Editing .08¢ per word
  • Professional Commentary
  • Signed Contract
  • Payment Plans

These are traditionally discounted if you’ve secured my consulting or beta-reading services, so keep that in mind as well.

Associated Services:

  • Blurb and Jacket Copy $70
  • Ghosting Writing .15¢ per word
  • Co-Authoring .20¢ per word/alt

Developmental Editing

Something just isn’t sitting right with your novel. You cannot put a finger on it and you know it’s not ready for publishers. You need a real expert opinion.

If you’re looking for a deep and thorough look at your novel, you can secure my developmental editing services today.

These services usually last about a month, include several read throughs of your novel, mark up, and 10-30 pages of commentary for issues, suggestions, and improvements to be made for your novel.

A developmental edit will:

  • Help identify “big picture” issues within your novel
  • Provide useful commentary on suggestions
  • May include small forms of rewrites to explain issues
  • Identify large grammar issues (like if you routinely punctuate dialogue incorrectly).

A developmental edit is a large project, but arguably the one that will get you the most heavy aid for your goals towards publishing.

Costs normally come in at $60 per hour. If you would like a custom quote, please reach out to me and tell me about your book.


She is thorough, detailed, knowledgeable, and has good insight. She goes about and beyond in every way. I highly recommend her services!

She really is the best at story development! Thank you for such instrumental additions!

Erica Reeder, author of the Gilded Fae Series and more!

She went above and beyond in every way, I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future!

Michael Sullivan, author of The Final Flaw

The amount of detail that she put into being my BETA reading was not only useful, but insightful and mind blowing. She worth every penny, and I will coming her back again for my main novel for her to be my beta reader. Highly suggest you hire Sarah Karwisch! A+++

-Antonio Rosa, a yet published author

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